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Our new Road Trauma Support Tasmania TV advert
[19 Dec 2016]

We are excited in letting you see our new state advert that is running on tv.



Maureen's road trauma story
[14 Sept 2016]

Maureen was left in a world of suffering after losing her eldest son in a road crash. It has been an arduous journey of darkness, pain and suffering, but Maureen has come into a place of peace and has made this video to thank Road Trauma Support Tasmania for all their help.

Maureen's Story

Maureen's road trauma story...

Posted by Road Trauma Support Tasmania on Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Memorial Seat, Launceston...
[26 Apr 2015]

Road Trauma Support Tasmania has placed a plaque on a bench seat in Princes Square, Launceston, dedicating this seat as a special memorial for quiet reflection. Members of the public are invited to “rest awhile” there.

Thank you to the Launceston City Council for allowing us to dedicate this seat in remembrance.
RTST memorial plack RTST momorial seat in the park

Our New Advertising Efforts...
[22 Nov 2014]

We have been doing some advertising state wide recently on the back of the Metro Bus line.
Check it out...
RTST bus advertising

Our New Website...
[10 Sept 2014]

We are happy to announce that we have our newly rebranded and reworked website live, with a lot of additional features to help us help you...

It doesn't matter if you are interacting with our website on your smartphone, your tablet, or your desktop... it just works! Our new website will adjust to your screen size, and you can even bookmark it on your mobile device and it will behave as a web app once launched from your homescreen.

Our site was created by greenskin media, a forward thinking design studio here in Launceston... check them out -