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Our Free Services

Who Are We?

The Road Trauma Support Tasmania Inc. (RTST) is a non-profit community based organisation partially funded through Motor Accident Insurance Board (Tasmania) - MAIB (Tasmania) and funded in kind by the Department of Health and Human Services.

It is however an independent organisation, since 1989. A volunteer committee comprised of people who recognise the need for such a service and acknowledge the value of the support provided manages the organisation. Included on the Committee are trained personnel with expertise and experience in the grief/trauma context...

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Supporting You

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Road Trauma Support Tasmania (RTST) provides a free confidential, caring, and supportive counselling service.

Our counsellor(s) will listen, support and assist you in your time of need... You may either speak with a counsellor by phone, contact them via sms, via a Skype channel, or make an appointment (by phone or email) to speak to a counsellor in person.

We would also like to encourage you to suggest how you'd like to communicate with us. If you have a preferred method (eg: phone, text, email, skype, etc...) please let us know and we will try our best on this end to accommodate.

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We have a sound knowledge of MAIB and can be of help or assist you...
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Your Privacy

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The privacy of our callers is very important to us. Your name and personal details are strictly confidential, and will not be passed onto any parties without your written consent.

Our professional counsellors have a deep understanding of your concerns and needs and adhere to a strict code, allowing you to feel at peace, further helping in your vital healing process.

Quick Links

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mobile: 0427 487251 - (phone/text)
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